Little Champions

3 – 8 years old

  • Play based program based in the improving the A,B,C’s of movement
  • We promote fun,discovery and participation.
  • Progress through our 3 tier program

Kids & Teens boxing

9-17 programs

  • The Development of basic Boxing skills, introducing more tactical,physical and mental awareness for each individual.
  • Progress through the ranks from beginner to Intermediate and finally through to our Elite...

Butterfly Boxing

Float like a butterfly…

At The Boxing Shop, we have responded to the request from many of our Ladies to make our Butterfly Boxing Sessions run all year round. Butterfly Boxers are women who enjoy all the health benefits of Boxing in a ...

Group training

By professional trainers

Boxing Training is considered by many professional Trainers and athletes as an outstanding way to rapidly increase cardio fitness, strength and endurance. We cross train many athletes and visiting representative teams who wish to increase and maintain...



1-on-1 Personal Training sessions at The Boxing Shop Gym, Griffith University Nathan Campus. Sessions by booking only...


Pads Class

Be lead by a first class trainer and train with a friend.

You will learn how to hold and punch pads correctly and execute some wicked combinations.

Box Blast

Intensive fitness

Box Blast is a 30 min high Intensive fitness workout aimed at pushing everyone to their limits ,no matter what level of fitness.

Our trainers are experts in achieving results.

Beginner Boxing

Non contact

Beginner programs at the boxing shop are for everyone to enjoy at an entry level or to recap on your basic skills and fitness. Our aim is to teach everyone the correct self Defence and attacking moves...

Gareth Williams


Members get Results

Feb 2015 was a big Month for TBS members in fitness,weight loss and competition.
The Old School Fightcamp was a hit and the boys lost 79kg as a group between 10 people over 4 weeks.
Our Junior members had an Intermediate sparring competition and our Competitive team started the year off with 4 wins from as many starts.
We have been contacted by many people in February to join our team and see what all the fuss is about.
As we say #Teamworkmakesthedreamwork

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About us

brisbane boxing, boxing club, boxing classes in brisbane -About us

Internationally recognized trainers Gareth Williams and Shara Romer are leading a driven and focused team at The Boxing Shop, Griffith University Nathan Campus and are catering for people of all ages and experience levels. " We are bringing boxing to the public" said Williams "there are so many facilities who are trying to use boxing for fitness, our differance is that we will give all our clients the correct self defence and attacking techniques so that they are learning as well as getting fit". Alot of the public seem to be worried about walking into the boxing gym for the first time but at The Boxing Shop in Brisbane, everybody is welcome and you dont have to be in shape to start."We have had clients losing 47kg, 17kg, 22kg and as we say, you just have to open the door take a step inside and the rest is up to us". There are kids boxing and Character development classes from 3 years old. Personal Training is very popular with our current clients as we aim to help everyone reach their own individual goals.