Boxing Beyond Barriers

Our School Mentoring Program

At the Boxing Shop, boxing isn’t just about throwing punches, it’s about saving lives. The Boxing Shop provides all kids a shining light on their path with a bit of tough love and a whole lot of encouragement! Gareth and Shara give the kids a reason to fight for their lives.

We provide an amazing kids and school program, #boxingbeyondbarriers, where we work with disengaged kids and use boxing as a vehicle to drive our message:
–  To believe there is no limitations and that failure is not avoidable but a good lesson learnt. Resilience, respect and a whole lot of hard work is where its at. Building a strong sense of worth and well-being along with self love is key. “You are limitless and failure teaches you a lesson”

We teach them self respect, confidence, discipline and respect for others. Giving back to the community has always been one of our objective and we’ve done some hands on work with schools, flexi schools, PCYCs and more to help our youth because we believe in fighting for our youth!

We also strongly support Boxing Beyond Bullying: “If people throw stones at you, then pick them up and Build something”

school Kids Boxing

I let these kids know they need to have a dream
and they can actually make it happen if they believe.

“Dream as big as you can.”

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