Rules and Regulations

  • -All bouts are to be 3 x 2 min rounds
  • -All rounds will be Judged out of 10 (no extra points for a knockdown)
  • -A medical general medical must be provided which states fit to participate in boxing activity (within 3 months prior to fight date)
  • - $25 participant entry fee to be paid online or at The Boxing Shop
  • -All contestants to wear and supply their own Boxing Trunks,Mouthguard,Boxing boots, Boxing Robe (not compulsory), groin guard(men compulsory women is optional), Breast plate (optional for women not needed for men).
  • -Handwraps can be amateur style or Professionally wrapped with Bandages and Tape by our professional Corner persons.
  • -Custom made Trunks and robes are available for the event by emailing info@theboxingshop.com.au with a drawing and explanation of colours and embroidery details etc (cut off date for ordering is february)
  • -Weigh in will be held at The Boxing Shop at 6.30pm on Saturday february 25th
  • -All participants are encouraged to bring a crowd and promote the event so that we can continue to grow and promote 4 shows per year.
  • -A High Res photo of yourself in action, Either Boxing, working or an action shot in any other sport is to be emailed to info@theboxingshop.com.au at the latest date of February 25 Good luck to all participants and may the best sport win