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BOX HIT 1 is a high intensity workout for any fitness and skill level. You will learn the fundamentals of boxing while getting your sweat on! Engage with like minded people and leave all your stress behind. Get fit, learn a skill and be encouraged by your own coach,

BOX HIT 1 is a 1 HOUR Session

MONDAY 5:45pm

Power Pads

Everyone loves to punch the pads!
Work with a partner over 2 minute rounds and learn fast new combinations as instructed by your trainer.
TUESDAY 5.45pm-6.30pm

Boxing Circuit

High Intensity Boxing Circuits that are appealing to everyone.
THURSDAY 5.45pm – 6.30pm
SATURDAY 8am – 9am

Early Birds

Boxing and Fitness Classes.
A variation of boxing, fitness and Strength programs that will test you in every class
6am-7am Monday, Wednesday and Friday

6kg in 6 weeks for only $89

* Includes:

*6 weeks group training classes at either 6am Mon,Wed,Fri or 5.45pm Mon-Thurs and Saturday mornings at 8am
*Walk/Running Program
*Guided eating plan

Sept 3-Oct 15

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