Butterfly Boxing is Helping women achieve Their goals!

Over the last 5 years our Butterfly Boxing program has gone from strength to strength with now 3 early morning sessions per week to help the Ladies achieve their goals.
“Our girls have achieved some amazing results over the last couple of years ” said Butterfly Boxing coach and also Head Female Coach at The Boxing Shop, “We have 1 girl who has dropped over 40kg since starting with our programs and there are many more who have not just achieved weight loss goals but also in strength and self confidence”. We recently said goodbye to one of our girls (Sally Curtis who has moved Interstate for work opportunities)she is an amazing woman who has also lost 14kg over the last few months but more importantly has enjoyed her training and didn’t ever miss a session.
We have an amazing group of girls ranging from students, to doctors and accountants who come and train at  our 6am sessions and the results are tremendous. We are all about helping women achieve the goals that they set and keeping them on track.
Butterfly Boxing is all about throwing away the excuses and getting stuck in to the hard work that is needed for results in our life’s.
Butterfly Boxing is Trained by Women, for Women at 6am Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at The Boxing Shop, Griffith University Nathan Campus.

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