Chewing the fat…with Trent Broadhurst – “A rematch with Berridge is a must”

Trent Broadhurst is one of Australias Top lightheavyweights with the world at his feet.
A good boxer with a smart boxing brain and solid power, Trents talks about getting to the top andgetting back in the ring.

Q. After a great start to your career you seem to have been inactive for a while,can you give us a run down on whats going on ?
A. Yea I had an ok year in 2013 I was able to string a few fights together and get some confidence back, we had then all but signed a rematch to fight Berridge on Geale v Wood undercard in February but I tore a ligament at the base of my hand early January and surgery was the only option, I was disappointed but I’m still young and have another 8-10yrs left so I’m not worried.

Q. When do you hope to return to the ring?
A. I’ll be looking to return December this year.

Q. When you fought Rob Berridge you looked very comfortable untill the end came,is this a rematch you would be chasing once you return?

A. Yea I was very comfortable but after the first knockdown I got up and tried to show I wasn’t hurt which I wasn’t and I probably rushed a little bit and put myself into a position to get countered hats off to him he caught me with a great shot ! but In hindsight I should never have fought that night I had a lot of issues going I wasn’t focused enough or fit I was a super middleweight at the time and I came in over the light heavyweight limit, it’s the only time I’ve come in over weight but as I said he caught with me a great shot. A rematch with berridge for me is a must ! I need to show him and everyone else that I’m the superior fighter, I have no doubt in my mind I will knock him out.

Q.I understand you and Damien Hooper are very good mates and sparring partners how do you think the future looks for him?

A. Yea we have been close mates for 9 years now, our sparring sessions are always intense and probably my favorite ! We bring out the best in each other and we both draw a lot of confidence from our sparring sessions. I think he can one day be a house hold name providing he continues to dedicate himself to his craft and continue to stay focused on the bigger picture and continue to mature, I’ve seen a lot of change in him especially the last year or so  he’s young and made mistakes just like I did but you mature through all the bullshit and learn, there is no competition between us I just want us both to make it

Q.Who else in Australia do you rate highly for the future?

A. I think Paul Fleming has all the makings of a world champ and and I think Luke Jackson as well both have a great trainer in Billy Hussein
Another young indigenous kid from W.A Nathaniel May impressed me when he fought Waylon Law over he has a big future being only 18 yrs of age, Kye Mckenzie, Jeff horn both massive talents and another young amateur kid named Liam Wilson I believe has got a ton of talent as well.

Q.You are often in training camp with Daniel Geale in the leadup to his fights, how is this experience?

A. The 5-6 training camps I’ve had with geale have helped me an unbelievable amount ! Ive learnt so much from the sparring, being patient probably the biggest thing for me and just general ring maturity but also seeing first hand what it takes to be competitive at that level
Has helped me take my training to another level. The grange old school boxing are a great bunch of people who always go out of their way to look after me.

Q.Can he climb back to the top?

A. He is such a professional with everything he does so I have no doubt he can climb back to the top I would still rate him as the number 2 middleweight behind GGG I think geale would comfortably beat the others.

Q.I also heard that you were a good Schoolboy Rugby Player, could you see yourself ever playing again?

A. Yea I played up until I was 15 I think, I made a few regional teams and played for QLD 1 year and I had a scholarship to Brisbane State Highschool for footy I loved playing but doing both boxing and football by that age had become to much so I chose boxing, I played a charity match a few years ago and was sore for about a week afterwards I enjoyed it a lot but I think that’s it for me hahaha

Q.Do you play other sports or have other interests outside of boxing? (Mention your birds that you loved when you were a kid)

A. I play a bit of golf, Chris McCullen says i have trouble counting my shots but I don’t ! I think he’s still mad I took his modelling contract ! it’s always good fun though, I’ve always had a thing for birds I had a lot growing up and now I’ve got 2 pet Indian ringnecks Floyd Mayfeather and Manny Peckiaou they both talk shit back and forth so
It’s entertaining.

Q.Is it true that If yourself Paul Flemming and Damien Hooper had a weekend away together, it could resemble the movie ,Hangover ?
A. No comment ….

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