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Terms and Conditions

• I state the information supplied by me is true and correct.
• I understand the staff will rely on the accuracy of this information before allowing me to participate in training, training programs and personal training.
• I understand and I undertake all exercise and any use of the boxing facilities at my own risk. I agree that no liability will be placed on The Boxing Shop, it’s trainers and representatives except in the case of total negligence of the trainer.
• I must take direction from the trainer in charge of the gym floor at all times. No exceptions. This includes casual, unsupervised sessions, school groups, visiting athletes and teams.
• I understand it is in my best interest to exercise within my abilities and in the safest manner possible.
• I understand there is to be no sparring or unauthorised use of the facility or the equipment without expressed consent of the trainer in charge. No exceptions.
• For clients under the age of 18, a parent or guardian must fill this form in before any training is to begin with The Boxing Shop.
• When using the facility, all clients will be required to sign the training record book. It is a condition that all clients agree to provide this if asked by staff.
• If any part of these terms and conditions are breached, it is to the discretion of The Boxing Shop’s management to assess the severity of the breach. All contracts may become void immediately and absolutely. No further agreements or disputes will be entered into.
• I understand these terms and conditions. Management reserve the right to modify or change these terms and conditions as appropriate.
• I understand that if I should suffer from any injury or illness in the future that may affect my ability to exercise, I should inform the staff of The Boxing Shop.