Golden Gloves boxing column 26/8/2013

The Australian Golden gloves championships was held at acacia ridge last weekend over 4 days from Thursday-Sunday.
Teams from all over Australia came to compete in the qld tournament hosted by Donny and Ann Tindall from Caboolture boxing club. Boxing Shop entered ateam of 8 amateur boxersand walked away from the prestigious event with 5 Golden gloves winners and 2 silver gloves winners.
Ronan Paulos from Holland Park was the star of the show with 2 bouts in as many days and with wins over qld and nsw champions.
Ronan is the most well mannered and likeable kid who puts everything into his sporting and academic life and now holds 4 consecutive wins to his name at top class boxing tournaments.

Jan Novac,Flin Brunton,Brett Pedley and Lucas Howells were the other Golden gloves winners and
all had tough competition from their rivals but with determination and persistance they all came away with solid wins.
Breadan Nairn ans Dylan Murphy both lost their final matches by split decision which means 1 judge out of 3 had them winning.
With a well earned 2 week rest from boxing,it is now time to spend some quality time with our next generation of up and coming kids who have just started their sparring work after a few months of quality basic boxing training.Its great to be apart of a boxing club with a great culture,with Olympians and professional boxers, which help our young kids see a great future in front of them.

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