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Ready to start the year with a punch? Ready to make this your best year yet? Have goals you want to achieve? Or New Year, New You?

It’s time to get excited because whatever the case may be, we have the perfect solution.

HIT 4 HIIT is our 6 week fitness program kicking off on Monday the 20th of January, leading to endless health and fitness possibilities. Here at the Boxing Shop we firmly believe that succeeding is all about putting in the hard work with a strong and grounded mindset. This program is more than just a quick fix or a temporary reset. By committing to yourself with a consistent approach, you can expect to improve your overall fitness, health and mindset. Making these improvements will be done through the use of our structured classes, nutrition guide, additional walk/run program and goal setting to assist with staying on track.

We understand that the first step to making a change is always the hardest, which is why we are here to help. No matter your age, gender, height, weight or where you may be along your fitness journey YOU can take part in this fitness program and YOU can make the change today. Our dedicated coaches and members will be there with you along the way for ongoing support and motivation to assist you with reaching your goals you deserve to achieve.  

If this sounds like something, you either should or want to be part of, we want to hear from you.  

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information, we look forward to helping you transform into the healthiest and strongest version of YOU.

Email –

PH – 1300 66 00 17

Address – 7/43 McCarthy Road, Salisbury QLD 4107


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