Kwadjo talks Hooper fight and Pittman is the best he has faced.

You have a big fight coming up as the co main event against 2012 Olympian Damien Hooper, any pre fight predictions on how it will finish on November 8? no predictions but I am coming to win this fight.

You are a very powerfull man who has knocked many people out, is power your best asset?I can box as well, I listen to my corner and throw the power when the time comes.

What would you class as your greatest win to date? Definately when I knocked out Jamie Pittman.

You have fought many great fighters, who is the best youve faced? Pittman is the best Ive faced but I just managed to catch him a few times.

Have you seen many of Hoopers fights and what do you think of him? he is very good. You dont be the wolrds number 2 amateur if you cant fight.

There has been controversy in the past about you pulling out of a contracted fight, could you give us your side of the story on this?
a week before the fight I had an  ankle injury and my doctor advised 8me not to fight. I would still like to fight Rohan Murdoch in the future.

Thanks for your time Joseph,Any last words about your fight on November 8?
I am coming to Win

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