Rightcross Entertainment and Hatton Promotions can proudly announce a new opponent for Light Heavyweight sensation Damien “Super” Hooper on the Night to Remember III card on Saturday November 8th at Sleeman Centre, Chandler.

Hooper’s original opponent, Joseph Kwadjo, had his visa declined by the Australian Embassy late last week, leaving Australia’s hottest boxing prospect without an opponent to defend his WBC Eurasia Pacific Title against.

Leaving next to no time to find a replacement, Western Australian kickboxing legend Rob “The Power Drill” Powdrill jumped at the opportunity to face the Hatton Promotions boxer. Powdrill who is coming off wins over Riccardo Monteleone and Ben Page sports a 3-1 boxing record and an impressive 53-4-1 Muay Thai record where he is the former World Professional Muay Thai Light Heavyweight champion.

“Finding an opponent for Damien Hooper with two months notice is hard enough, but to find one with one week is basically Mission Impossible,” said co-promoter Gareth Williams. “With the time frame left, we didn’t get the chance to look overseas due to visa restrictions. Thankfully Rob Powdrill was in training for a Muay Thai fight the following week and he didn’t hesitate in stating he wanted the fight with Damien. Rob is a genuine tough guy as his YouTube footage attests. I think fans are in for a treat”.

“I know Damien Hooper is a great boxer, but I’m going to come out all guns blazing and see what he’s got,” said Powdrill. “I’m fit and my weight is exactly where it should be. I plan on being victorious next Saturday night”.

Hooper continued: “These things happen in boxing and it’s totally unavoidable. I thank Rob for taking the challenge, he’s a true warrior and I’m ready for a hard fight. However, there’s absolutely no chance he’s taking my belt on Saturday night. I’ve worked hard to get to being rated number 34 in the world by the WBC and I’m not going to give that up lightly”.
Tickets are moving fast but are still available on or 1300 66 00 17

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