Online Coaching

Steps to start Online coaching at The Boxing Shop

Current members:

  1. Download Zoom on your Iphone,Android ,Ipad or P.C here
  2. Enter meeting id provided for the current class
  3. Enter specific members only password
  4. Enjoy your online coaching experience

New members:

  1. Sign up here
  2. Download Zoom on your Iphone,Android ,Ipad or P.C here
  3. Enter meeting id provided for the current class
  4. Enter specific members only password
  5. Enjoy your online coaching experience

We also offer Free Instagram Live PE Classes for home schooling,10.30 am Tuesday and Thursday for 20 minutes!
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ZOOM Online Class timetable at TBS
Under 17s Boxing Classes -ZOOM Meeting ID 463-570-807

These Classes will run every day for 45-60mins.

Intermediate/Advanced classes (all current members are welcome)


Classes are for all beginner or Intermediate students (all current members welcome)

Coaches Emails for feedback

Adults 6pm Classes- ZOOM Meeting ID 185-672-109

 Skills and Body weight strength (No equipment needed)

Bagwork (For members who have a boxing bag or a makeshift punchable item ,Mattress etc) Gloves and handwraps also a necessity.

Work with a partner at home and you will both be instructed round by round. Equipment 2 pairs of boxing Gloves,Hand pads (you can punch to each others gloves if you dont have pads or contact Gareth to purchase any equipment needed).

Skills and fitness – Similar to our usual Box Hit classes be ready for anything. No bag needed

Adults 6am Classes- ZOOM Meeting ID 608-508-418

Boxing Fitness (2 x 1kg dumbells/cans of beans/water bottles,a towel,a step (milk crate etc),a chair,medicine ball (something that you can hold that weighs approx 3-8kg),Skipping rope (if not available we can pretend we have a rope)

Rubber Exercise resistance bands (generally between 8mm and 20mm,If you cant access them you can purchase 4m of Black Shock cord from Bunnings and tie a knot in each end)

Flow with the GURU
A flexibility and mobility class that combines a touch of yoga, a touch of science, and a foam roller.
This class utilises your body weight to get the best stretch, and also strengthen those neglected muscles in your body during these times in isolation.
All you need is a mat, and foam roller. If you don’t have a roller, any item that rolls, like a tennis ball will suffice.

General Boxing Fitness
Equipment needed as per Monday

Body weight strength – equipment needed,a matt or towel

Friday 5pm Adults fitness challenge ZOOM Meeting ID 844-660-975

On Fridays log in to find out your new challenge.

Saturday 8am BOOTCAMP ZOOM Meeting ID 785-701-757

Saturday Mornings Bootcamps will have you sweating and squatting and possibly cursing.
A good fun yet challenging session for everyone.


Can I just do youtube training?
Yes you can, but who will see and correct your technique? With Online training we get to see all your movements and you can get to see the correct way how to do them with your trainer.

I want to train properly,how can you teach me online?
We will teach you all the correct movements and skills and help you perfect them by watching you perform the actions and explaining how to improve.

How do I use zoom,I only have a phone?
That’s perfect,download Zoom in Appstore or google Play store,ad the meeting ID for your class,add the password supplied and you will start your online boxing classes.
I thought you needed to do pads to box?
The best way to learn how to box is by shadow boxing and learning all the correct footwork,attacking and defensive techniques.Shadow boxing is more realistic in a boxing match than punching a bag…A bag stays still and you need to learn movements and balance first.

Can I improve my self defence?
Yes just like any other martial arts, ,boxing has many diffensive actions such as feinting,sidestepping,slipping,catch,block,parry,roll and many others.
You will be taught these movements without any pressure on you at all.