Prep teacher gets an A+

Prep Teacher and EBC silver medalist Miss Luci Hand stood up to put on a winning performance against Commonwealth games Bronze medalist Taylah Robertson,last night at the Pine Rivers pcyc hosted by the All stars boxing club.

All week Miss Hand has been dressing up as a Unicorn and teaching her prep kids about the letter U,last night it was about the letter Y,as in Why do we do this?

Luci Hand found her why ,”its because I want my personal success ,I want to be represent Australia at the world championship later this year”.

Luci trains morning and night with her coach Shara Romer at The Boxing Shop in Brisbane as well as teaching through the day “Ive got 2 full time jobs” said Hand, “and I wouldnt have it any other way”.

Luci is a a great role model for all young girls in boxing and in life with an outstanding work ethic and leadership skills.

Luci Hand the prep teacher during the day and boxer in the dark hours.

“You work hard and you get results”

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