Queensland Novice Titles 2014

Boxing Qld hosting the Annual State Novice Championships over two days on the 10th and 11th of May.
This is always a  very popular tournament with over 100 matches in 2 days, with special appearances from New Caledonia and NSW.
The Boxing shop were represented by 8 boxers who fall in the novice category of having under 15 fights. Female boxer 12 yr Old Skye Olive, Youth Boxer Lucas Howells and Senior Boxer Garret Mole all unfortunately missed out on fights due to no one else in their respective divisions.
Breadan Nairn was the first boxer of the weekend for the team and he stepped up from Sub junior to the Schoolboy division for his match.Nairn lost a split decision in a very close fight. Breadan has had type 1 diabetes from 18 months old and was struggling with his blood sugar levels before the match, even with the added pressure, he boxed nicely and still followed instructions well.
Dylan Murphy who has recently returned from the Australian boxing championships in Perth was forced to jump weight divisions for his match in the final on Sunday. Dylan controlled the match with clean fast jabs and dominant right hands to secure victory over his opponent. Dylan is another young man with a great story after dropping from 93kg as a 13yr old footballer to becoming a 15yr old athlete who weighs in regularly under 70kg.
Esala Roqica, former Souths Sunnybank and St Brendans rugby league player,was matched against a tough opponent from Gladstone.”Esala was exceptional” said Head Coach Gareth Williams, ” he followed direction and executed the game plan to perfection against his always dangerous opponent”.

Former Cavendish rd student Hayley Finlayson boxed in the female 57kg division where she proved one again that she is going to be a future star.Having only her second fight she is doing “experienced things in the ring” said Coach Shara Romer. “Hayley is destined for big things and she is a kid who just loves the boxing lifestyle.She never misses a session whether its Running,Strength training or Boxing, sometimes I have to pull her back because she just wont rest”.
AIS Sports Draft Scholarship Holder Krystal Cull was matched in the final against a very tough girl who had good power. Krystal’s technique was superior and showed great class with the right hand as she started finding her mark with it regularly. “Krystal and Hayley are room mates and they are a pleasure to coach, the girls are training 9 sessions per week and the rewards are definitely coming” said Romer.

The weekend was a great success for Boxing Qld and we look forward to watching all the Qld novices as they continue on in their careers.


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