The Boxing Shop weigh in at Acacia Ridge

This mornings weather was unusually warm but their were no complaints from some of the boxers who were getting their last few grams off before weigh in time.
Bouts were held at Acacia Ridge Pub today, we had a total of 9 Boxers weigh in and 2 of them were the Nauru boys. 50 bouts in total so it was a great turn out before Nationals next week in Perth. Unfortunately we only managed to get 4 Boxers a bout Krystal Watson, Hayley Finlayson, Alfonso and Dexin.

Krystal Watson was up with her first ever outing into the ring. Pressure was put on both Krystal and I when being told moments before getting in the ring that the rounds would only be 1 minute long. The game plan was changed on the spot to suit the time but unfortunately in a very close decision Krystal lost. A gutsy effort with such short rounds where realistically your only just gaining  momentum. I definitely think with the right round time Krystal could’ve come away with a win.
Magic worked with Alfonso in the ring tonight not just with his hands but with his mental change of mind. He faced a tough fight against a guy 6-7kg heavier. As a coach I knew Alfonso capabilities in the ring so I believed  he could manage it yet he doubted himself leading into the fight.It wasn’t until a 1minute 30 into the 1st round that his nerves settled and his mental shift started to sway in a positive way.  Going into the 2nd and 3rd Alfonso stuck to the plan and  landed some great shots on his opponent. His fluency, timing and hand positioning were spot on.  With the bout going the full distance he walked away without the win. Alfonso got more from this one fight then what he would’ve gained in 4 at his own weight.

We had another young lady step into the ring for the first time tonight and boy was she a crowd pleaser! Hayley Finlayson boxed 3 x 1minute 30 second rounds which was a little more bearable than 1 minute! Her first round was a cracker both girls landing punches left right and center this  was just a lead up to a great second and third . Hayley got an eight count put on her in the second, so instructions from me was to fight like nothing else and empty the tank in the third to bring it home. The crowd were on their feet screaming at both girls, Hayley landing nearly every time. Punching like true fighter Hayley claimed the win! Not bad for a girl

The last boxer in the ring for the night was Dexin. His opponent was an elusive fighter and Dexin tried hard to find his footing and target area to land his punches in the first round. Changing the plan up Dexin started landing some hard blows in the second and third. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to convince the judges to give the decision to him. Couldn’t be happier with his effort tonight.

A big thank you goes out to Brad Hore for being my second for the day/night. It was great to have his humour and sense of teamwork right by my side,
A special mention to John Bowen for looking after the Nauru boys with getting them around today and also the cheer squad who made the effort to yell and scream!

Would like to take this time to wish Emma Carruthers, Emma Payne and Dylan Murphy all the best at Nationals next week and I cant wait to work with you over there!

Remember “Team Work Makes The Dream Work”!!

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