Winning starts on Mondays

A week after Brisbane s Annual Novice titles tournament, our team were ready to back up at the Inala Pcyc Boxing Tournament.

With 6 boxers weighing in we managed to secure 4 bouts and 1 exhibition fight between our 2 Nauru Boxers who are here to prepare for the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Braedan Nairn was up first in a bout against the Local boy from Inala. Braedan lost the fight but once again, had to step out of his own weight category just to get a match.Braedan was in his second sporting event for the day after playing a full game of Rugby only 2 hours before.Well done and congratulations must go to the Inala boy.
Lucas Howells or Monty Burns to his team mates, was matched for the first time in 9 months due to not enough boxers around at his weight division. We stepped up against an experienced boy from for this match yet the boy was 18 months younger than Lucas.

Lucas boxed beautifully in this bout, using lots of feints before landing his crisp southpaw left hand throughout the fight. In the second round Lucas was caught with a shot and had a brief visit to the canvas,In saying that he was also off balance at the time. Lucas got up immediately and continued his work with a little more hunger and controlled the rest of the match in a mature manner.Howells record now stretches to 7 wins for 1 loss so he is boxing nicely, he always listens and is a great kid who gives his best to each and everything he does.

Next up for our Team were Dexan and Ajoun from Nauru.These 2 boys have been sent to The Boxing Shop under head coach Gareth Williamsin preparation for the 2014 Commonwealth games in Scotland. With no matches available for the boys, we organised an exhibition bout (no scoring contest).The boys are very competitive and were both out to show the Brisbane Boxing community, why they are stars of the future.

“Both boys have been training hard and are a pleasure to be involved with”said Williams, “they are going to be surprise packets at the Commonwealth games, especially if anyone treats them lightly”.

Garret Mole was our next representative from the team and with a record of 10W-1L we had to step up against a former Arafura games contestant with years of experience and a winning record. Garreth was in control throughout the fight whenever he boxed at length or mixed it up on the inside. The clean Righthand couldnt miss for Garret and as his confidence grew throughout the match he started landing it more frequently.

Dylan Murphy once again stepped up in weight to challenge his rival from last week at the Novice championships. “The other kid is a big strong boy and also a southpaw which makes him a dangerous opponent, but Dylan did the job yet again and proved that he is a kid on his way up” said Williams.

Another successful night for our team and success comes down to the effort behind the scenes.
As Jack Gibson said “Winning starts on Mondays”.

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