“A Night to Remember III” – Nov 8 Paddy Murphy v Rivan Cessaire – Australian Welterweight

Paddy Murphy has been longing for a big fight opportunity and it doesnt get much bigger in his new found homeland than the Australian Welterweight Championship.
Rivan Cessaire is the current champion who has face some world class opposition and also been on the recieving end of some very unlucky decisions including a draw to Jeff Horn and also a controversial loss to world ranked fighters Lenny Zappavigna.
Cessaire holds wins over Samuel Columban,Tim Hunt,Steven Maxwell and Beijing Olympian Todd Kidd.
Murphy contested a 10 rnd draw with Peter Mcdonagh just over 12 months ago in a barnstormer in his homecoming fight at Dundalk,Ireland in his first Celtic title match at a higher than usual weight division of Junior midleweight and is more than ready to put on a show come November 8 in Brisbane.
“I love fighting in Brisbane in front of my Team mates as well as the fantastic friens I have made through work and also the Gealic football community “.Murphy works through the daylight hours as a Carpenterfor Kenny Constructions in Brisbane. “I owe alot more than people realise to my boss Finnian Kenny,he has supported me through boxing and also through some rough patches in my personal life,….On November 8,I will show my supporters how appreciative of the support “

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