A Smile a Day Keeps a Bully Away

A YOUNG GIRL is bullied every day at school and goes home in tears, sometimes with bruises on her arms from where she has been pushed to the ground. A once confident fearless, outgoing young lady is now a shy, afraid and helpless victim all because of bullying.

Although this young girl is a fictitious character, she represents every one in four students in Australia that are affected by bullying daily. A place trying to minimise this staggering statistic and is trying to make a significant difference in the lives of children being bullied is The Boxing Shop located at the Nathan Campus of Griffith University.

The Boxing Shop aims to improve the confidence and fitness amongst different age groups and ability levels. Lead by the inspiring Gareth Williams who was recently awarded a 3 star AIBA rating, putting him in the highest bracket of coaches worldwide, he aims to build the confidence of children, through self-defence methods, mental awareness strategies and a positive attitude.

Gareth believes that a “victim becomes a victim when they act like a victim.’

With the likes of Shara Romer, a passionate, motivating assistant coach, the children are taught to resort to non-violent strategies to resolve bullying and to believe in themselves.

An “unbelievable improvement in their confidence is shown,” Shara says.

Two ordinary people like Gareth and Shara show a strong determination to build the confidence of children and erase the fearless, helpless, afraid person in all of us.

Like every other boxing gym, The Boxing Shop consists of four walls, a ring and some punching bags. However what makes The Boxing Shop significantly stand out from others, is the smiles the children leave with all because two people shared their passion to better the lives of young children through boxing. “A confident kid beats a bully any day”

Jessica Nicol

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