Boxing Training for the Little ones

Training for the under 5’s

We all hear the negatives about Boxing and how bad it is but as far as Im concerned the Positives easily outweigh the negatives.
The Boxing Shop run specific classes for each individual age group.
3yrs- 5 yrs beginners are the first age group that we will address.
Since starting the program we have stuck to our guns that these classes are all about improving the coordination, concentration , social skills, body awareness and self confidence of  our kids.
Through many studies on child development we have come up with strategies on how to manage the kids in this age group which will equal to positive overall outcomes.
The overall structure of a class consists of a line up to start each class where we address the students before a 10 minute warm up (always fun and with the aspect of challenging there minds as well as there individual coordination development).The next 15 minutes includes basic boxing stance and movements  as well as a fun circuit which may include exercises such as jumping, throwing and ducking movements.
Each class for this age group is for 30mins and they have the choice of training either once or twice per week.
I also believe that kids should play as many sports as possible which will continue to develop their growth, strength, coordination , self esteem and will also help the children become well balanced from having confidence in many areas.
Social behaviour of children is a big area where our society needs improvement and through non contact programs with structure and enjoyment  I believe the correct boxing program can assist in this area.

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