“I certainly hope this will become a program offered by all schools.”

“Our student group engaged very well in the program and the interaction in the program flowed into the school with students showing continued effort and respect to each other and the community”.
The above sentence is one of many references that have poured in from schools and community groups since the Boxing Beyond Barriers program started .
“We believe our program gets through to all kids who are in need of a little bit extra,our program is about structure and learning that there are consequences for your actions,whether that be positive or negative” said program manager Gareth Williams.
The BBB program is currently working with 16 Schools per term and are ready to take the positive program all over South East Queensland, “We are improving lives,that what this program is all about,we cant wait to take the program to every school to give kids an opportunity ,we are helping the kids who aren’t A grade students,they need to know that they can still be successful ” said Williams.
Below is a Reference written by a parent of one of the students in the program.

“……………. was going through a very tough period in life both socially and emotionally. ……. was withdrawn, mentally fragile and finding it hard to work at school. My ………. was fortunate enough to be selected for the mentoring program offered by the school. This program was run by The Boxing Shop in conjunction with the Police and the PCYC. It covered the basic techniques of boxing and fitness. The holistic approach of the program meant that the participants were also encouraged and nurtured to have positive mentality outside of the program. After a term, my ……….. has become fitter, much more confident and focused at tasks. As a result of this program, my ……….. attitude towards life’s challenges has changed for the better. ……… grades at school have picked up and ……. sets goals to achieve. ……… new found love of boxing is something ……. will continue to pursue beyond the program.

Having seen the results, I certainly hope that this will become a program offered by all schools.” A very happy Parent

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School Mentoring Program

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