Queensland Novice Championships

The Novice Titles finally came up last weekend and all our amateur boxers who had under 15 bouts were ready and itching to go.
#Teamtbs weighed in 9 boxers, with juniors Ronan,Lucas,Braedan and Dylan as well as our Novice senior boxers Flin,Malcolm,Emma,V and Jack.Unfortunately Jack Bowen missed out on a fight as there was no one in his division and Malcolm Anderson’s opponent didnt turn up on the final day of competition.

Our First fight of the weekend was Braedan,who at 11 years Old was matched against the Qld State Champion who had previously beaten him last year by 1 point.Braedan started the first round quite slowly and probably lost the first round but through true grit and determination he dug deep and dominated the last 2 rounds to take a unanimous decision over the 2012 Qld champion.

Dylan Murphy was matched against a boy from Inala in the semi finals on Saturday and we always know that the Inala pcyc are going to be tough and taught very well with a great coach in charge,Russell Finn.Dylan closed the gap during this match and continued onto the final on Sunday with a relentless workrate.

Lucas Howells was Our next boxer for #Teamtbs and the left handed 50kg boy from Mount Gravatt once again dominated his opponent and won the final with a second round stoppage.

Ronan Paulos was in for a tough fight when he was draw up against a boy from Aftermath boxing club,as Ronan had lost to the same boy twice before,and he was also the 2012 state champion.Ronan definately displayed his best performance ever and dominated the bout with great defence,footwork and an accurate Power hand.Ronan was brilliant and especially with feeling the pressure of not beating the kid before,He definately turned on a magic performance.

Emma and Vylita were our 2 female combatants at the Novice titles with Emma winning her final and Vylita coming up marginally short in a terrific display of boxing.Emma had a slow first round in her final and after a rev up from female coach Shara,she went out with a different mindset and controlled the final 2 rounds to take the victory.

Flin Brunton weighed in at 63.85kg and made the Junior welterweight limit for the first time but with no opponent in the division,he had to step up to Welterweight and fight in the final of the A division.Flin boxed beautifully throughout the match,even though he had to give the weight away.Flins opponent was also a good tough boxer from the Shamrock gym and another experienced coach who always has his boxers in great shape.

Dylan Murphy was our only boxer who had to box twice in 2 days and after a very tough match on day one he was a little stiff and sore on Sunday morning.Dylan made his weight again and was matched against Saturday’s other semi final winner from the Attillah gym. The fight plan was exactly the same as on saturday with Dylan out to press in on the chest of his opponent and use his conditioning and work ethic to contest the bout.

Just a little back ground on Dylan’s work Ethic.18 months ago he weighed 93kg and was only 13 years and for the Novice championships Dylan weighed in at 67.4kg on both days.Extraordinary effort for a kid so young.

Dylan put 2 standing 8 counts on his opponent in the first round and with a 3rd count in round 2,the referee had seen enough and stopped the contest with a 2nd rnd TKO win to Dylan Murphy .

Another great performance by #Teamtbs and we continue to live by the phrase #Teamworkmakesthedreamwork

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