“Super” Hooper moves to 3-0

Damien “Super” Hooper had his 3rd professional fight in Auckland on July 5.
Viliami Toafi was the unfortunate opponent for Hooper and didn’t return to his corner at the end of round 1.
Damien Started calmly and used his tricks to make his opponent think twice before landing a huge over hand right which rocked the Kiwi in his Boots.

AsToafi didn’t go down,Damien stayed calm until his opportunity came again seconds later with a full blown double handed attack and the Towel was thrown in from his corner to save him from serious injury.

The Official time was 1m 24secs into round 1 which goes with his previous fight live on fox sports which ended in 64 seconds.

Damien is making some huge noise in Australia and overseas but we are still a long way from his best.

I have no doubts whatsoever that Damien Hooper will become the Light Heavyweight Champion of the world within the next 3 years.

Follow Damien on Twitter @SuperrHooper and Like his facebook page Damien Super Hooper

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